Why Paul?

Paul Merry, master baker and Le Panyol agent for the British Isles

Paul Merry

I’ve been involved with craft baking and masonry ovens for over forty years, and have been teaching courses at PANARY for nearly 20 years.

When not teaching, I am a consultant in traditional baking or dealing with my French wood-fired ovens (Le Panyol) for which I am an agent in Britain.

Why Paul?

You are working with …

  • An experienced craft baker
  • A lover of wood-fired ovens, who has been using masonry ovens since 1975, and built his first one in 1980
  • A baker who has represented Le Panyol since 2005 sending their superb ovens throughout the British Isles
Paul Merry, Master Baker

Le Panyol agent for the British Isles

Acting as an agent in the British Isles, he is pleased to offer the three different ranges of Le Panyol clay ovens produced by Fayol in their factory in Provence.

Want to learn how to bake in a Wood Fired oven?

Or just learn more about craft baking from a Master baker of 50 + years experience?