The range

Le Panyol Wood-Fired Ovens by PANARY

Le Panyol

The crackling of the fire, the scraping of the baker’s peel on the sole, the wafting scent of your bread, pizzas and casseroles.

Le Panyol is more than a wood-fired oven, it’s a return to the sources of baking.  Enhance your home or business with a wood-fired oven.


Ovens suitable for the home or amateur baker

The Liberté ovens offer the good looks of a Le Panyol to enhance your outbuilding, garden or even inside your house.


Oves for Pizzerias, Restaurants or the Professional Kitchen

Ovens designed for versatility, being given attributes that make them capable of producing excellence in both pizza and bread.

They feature special floor tiles, and the kit includes insulation to be placed under the floor as well as above the crown.


Ovens for Bakeries

Ovens to attract the professional baker.

They are strong in the areas that make a beautifully well-baked loaf. They feature the highest grade of floor tiles that give off a robust, yet gentle, heat as well as being long-lasting.

The kit comes with superior layers of insulation, both under the sole tiles as well above the crown.