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Le Panyol Wood-Fired Ovens by PANARY

Pro Ovens

For Bakeries, Boulangeries and more

The Le Panyol factory has designed this group of ovens to attract the professional baker. 

Keep traditions alive as an artisan baker

Professionals, by showing your customers the magic of wood-fired baking you will promote your expertise and be a craftsman that stands out from the competition.  You can keep traditions alive and as an artisan baker you will create high-quality bread with remarkable flavour and appearance, which also offers a long shelf life.

These ovens are fully guaranteed, high-quality products which meet the needs and expectations any baker seeking true authenticity in his or her products.  The Boulangerie Range ovens are strong in the areas that make a beautifully well baked loaf. They feature the highest grade of floor tiles that give off a robust, yet gentle, heat as well as being long-lasting. 

The kit comes with superior layers of insulation, both under the sole tiles as well above the crown. While many professionals prefer a direct heat approach with the fire on the hearth, the larger models can have a remote furnace under the floor at the front, with the flames directed into the oven through the cast-iron geulard.

Assembly and Construction

Like all Le Panyol wood-fired ovens, the Boulangerie Range are kit models, designed to be integrated into a masonry structure

Boulangerie 113 and Boulangerie 120 & Boulangerie 120L can be assembled with ease by a confident person with self-assembly skills, carefully following the straight-forward instructions that come in the kit.

The larger Boulangerie 180, Boulangerie 180L and Boulangerie 250 are more complicated, and it would be advisable to have professional builders.

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