Pro Boulangerie 120

This model takes the basic 120 Liberté model and applies to it certain refinements. Its floor tiles are specially treated and surfaced for evenness and long life. Below the floor and above the crown are highly efficient layers of insulation to keep the professional baker’s oven running hot for as long as possible before a re-fire occurs.
Le Panyol Boulangerie 120


Plinth & floor


Price includes

Construction drawings

For more information on construction for the Liberté range, click here. For our Pro range click here.

£7400 with full insulation (exc. delivery)

£5700 bottom insulation only (exc. delivery)


All ovens are shipped directly from the factory in southern France.  Delivery charge from £600.


The insurance offered by Wood Fired Ovens is the standard CMR cover offered by most shipping companies.


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