Pro Pizzeria 190

The latest oven in the pizzeria range, the Le Panyol 190 is a round model and is designed for use in extremely busy restaurants (+200 covers).
It only takes 35kg of wood to heat a baking surface of more than 2.50m² – and even less if you use it every day, thanks to its excellent insulation.
As it has a 10-pizza capacity, it allows you to bake other dishes at the same time as you send out your pizzas.
Le Panyol Pro Pizzeria 190


Plinth & floor


Price includes

Construction drawings

For more information on construction for the Liberté range, click here. For our Pro range click here.

£10400 (exc. delivery)


All ovens are shipped directly from the factory in southern France.  Delivery charge from £600.


The insurance offered by Wood Fired Ovens is the standard CMR cover offered by most shipping companies.


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