Home Range

Ovens for Home Bakers
Your oven’s clay hearth and dome are delivered to you as a kit. You choose the location – outdoor or indoor – as well as the insulation and cladding. You will gather your skills and put it all together, right from the start. Le Panyol ovens are the leaders in self-assembly with clear instructions coming with your kit.

Each of these ovens is a pizza oven, a bread oven and a barbecue, and their multi-purpose nature enables food to be seared, grilled, braised, browned, stewed, dried and smoked. All with the pleasure of the wood firing.

You have a superb oven with the good looks of a Le Panyol to enhance your outbuilding, garden or even inside your house.

Need a more professional oven?
Check out the Pro Pizzeria 96 and both Pro versions of the 113 – Pro Pizzeria 113 and the Pro Boulangerie 113 .

Assembly and Construction
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