Restaurant Range

Ovens for Pizzerias, Restaurants and Professional Kitchens

Professionals, in sight of your customers, you will highlight your skills, bringing an artisanal touch to your business along with a sense of theatre.

These restaurant-style ovens are designed for versatility, being given attributes that make them capable of producing excellence in both pizza and bread. They feature special floor tiles, and the kit includes insulation to be placed under the floor as well as above the crown. You will save on fuel. Once the solid bulk of the refractory masonry is completely hot, the amount of daily fuel required to heat it back up to working temperatures is a surprisingly moderate amount.


Pro Pizzeria 96, Pro Pizzeria 113 and Pro Pizzeria 135
These can be assembled with ease by a confident person with self-assembly skills. You will find our information on the assembly and construction of the Liberté range helpful. Learn more.

Pro Pizzeria 165 and Pro Pizzeria 190
These are more complicated, and it would be advisable to employ professional builders. Contact Paul to discuss a building strategy.

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