Weight 700 kg


Portable door
Smoke throat adaptor for base of chimney
Grog for under for the oven floor
Bag of mortar
Assembly manual
2-year guarantee


Interior Diameter66x99 cm
External Diameter
87 x 120 cm
700 kg
Cooking Surface
0.56 m²
43.5 x 20.5 cm
Interior Height34 cm
Exterior Height50 cm
Arch stone thickness 10,5 cm
Minimum dimensions of the oven all-inclusive - cubic shape
L155 x P170 x H60 cm
Minimum dimensions of the oven all-inclusive - rounded shapeL150 x P165 x H60 cm
Floor tile thickness
6.0 cm
Insulation with chamotte
2.0 cm


Dishes on oven floor at once4
Pizzas on oven floor at once2
Bread dough per batch8 kg
Wood per firing7-12 kg


The Liberté range of ovens is supplied as kit models, designed to be integrated into a masonry structure. Click here for more information.

Contact Paul Merry. for advice on a building strategy.


These are my recommended extras.

Peels - for placing and removing your loaves1.5 m aluminium peel, 33 cm round head
1.5 m stainless steel pizza turning peel, 20 cm round head
1.5 m stainless steel peel, 29 cm round head
1.2 m wooden peel, 33 cm diam round head
1.2 m wooden peel, 33 cm square head
Thermometers - for measuring dome temperaturePro thermometer for WF Ovens (catheter and wall mounted dial)
Thermometers - tor measuring floor tile temperatureLaser Infrared Thermometer
Cleaning - for removing coals and ashes from the floor of your ovenCoal and Ash Scraper
Hearth Brush

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Liberté 66x99

The Model 66/99 is an oven suited to small spaces where an oval is a more suitable shape. An ideal oven for large families, or for people who like to host big parties.

Its firing cycle consumes only 7 – 12 kg of wood, enabling 40 pizzas per hour (double the capacity of its little brother, the Model 66). Its 0.56m² cooking surface lets you cook 4 dishes at the same time, bake 8kg of bread.


Deposit £1,300.00 Per item

Liberté 66x99

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