Weight 1010 kg

Contents of Kit

Oven masonry
Portable oven door
Smoke evacuation system, including stainless steel flue adaptor
Insulation, for underfloor and on top of the crown.
Assembly manual
2-year guarantee


Cooking Surface
0.78 m²
48 x 26 cm
Interior DiameterP96 cm x L100 cm
Interior Height34 cm
Minimum dimensions of the oven all inclusive - cubic shapeL158 x P149 x 174H cm
Minimum dimensions of the oven all inclusive - rounded shapeL150 x P140 x 174H cm


Pizzas on oven fat once3 x 30 cm
Wood per firing10 kg wood to reach 450°C


Like the Liberté range, the Le Panyol Pro Range are kit models, designed to be integrated into a masonry structure. Pro 96, Pro 113, and Pro 135 can be assembled with ease, following the straightforward instructions that come in your kit. You will find it helpful to visit the building instructions given for the Liberte range. Click here to view the cross-sectional drawing of the best way to build the Pizzeria models.

For the larger Pro 165 and Pro 190, it would be advisable to engage with professional builders.

Contact Paul Paul for advice on a building strategy.

Pro Pizzeria 96

The first wood-fired oven model made especially for pizzerias, the Pro 96 is a compact oven perfect for small kitchens and pizza trucks.

It allows you to bake 3 pizzas at the same time, giving a yield of approximately 40 pizzas per hour.

It takes only 10 kilos of wood and one hour to reach a temperature of 450°C.


Deposit £1,900.00 Per item

Pro Pizzeria 96

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